Basic guide of kitchen utensils (I)

1.- Boning: Medium knife with elongated blade. It is the most used in the kitchen. Very practical to bone meats.

2.- Onion: It is very useful for snacks. It has a broad and curved blade, for cutting and chopping.

3.- Of saw: It is the right knife to cut the bread and biscuits. It has an elongated, narrow and serrated blade.

4.- Lace: Small knife used to peel, fillet garlic and work that requires using its small sharp point.

5.- Scissors: They serve many things in the kitchen and especially to clean fish and birds.

6.- Heartbreaking: Its main function is to drill the apple longitudinally, extracting its entire inner central part, where the seeds and the hardest parts of the fruit are found.

7.- Can opener: Less and less used, many cans of canned goods come with easy openings, but it never hurts to have it. It also serves to open the plates of the bottles.

8.- Corkscrew: To remove the cork stopper from the wine bottles.

9.- Peeler: Very practical tool to peel all kinds of hard skinned fruits and vegetables.

10.- Grater: It is commonly used to grate cheese, carrots, bread and other products.

11.- Rod beater: It serves to stir sauces, beat eggs or assemble creams.

12.- Bucket: It is used to serve the portions on the plate.

13.- Soup dipper: To serve soups, broths and sauces.

14.- Skimmer: Very useful to remove the drained ingredients from the casseroles and pans.

15.- Tweezers: To get fried from the pan and food from the grill without burning.

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