Skirt, sensual and feminine

In the 20s, the skirt stopped crawling on the ground and began to shorten and fit the body of the woman to show her silhouette.

They ran 60s and London It became the focus of fashion worldwide. The designer Mary Quant caused a furor with the presentation in society of the mini skirt, a skirt that showed the long female legs. In spite of be criticized by much of society, most women are dared With the miniskirt. Thus, this garment became a symbol of freedom and sexuality.

He design of the skirt has gone varying over time. At the beginning, they were narrow and they were placed under the breasts. Then they started get down to the waist and each time they were widers to give volume to the woman's body.

Today, skirts are still very fashion. Long or miniskirts, printed or plain, are one of the garments dearest ones For the woman.

Video: 3 Sexy Ways to Wear a Skirt Plus Size Fashion. Marste (February 2020).

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