What makeup color to choose according to your eyes

When painting your eyes, not all colors feel just as good. What kind of shadow favors you? If you want to intensify your eye color, look for a shade that contrasts but if you want a softer look, look for colors that harmonize with the tone of your eyes. To get the most out of it you must learn the tones that best suit your face.

The secret of eye makeup
  • Play with contrasts. If you have dark eyes choose light and bright tones to soften your look. If your eyes are clear, bet on strong and matte tones to enhance your color.
  • Neutralize dark circles. Choose warm colors (gold, bronze) and avoid cold tones (purple, blue).

Light eye makeup

1. Green eyes. The purples and violets, intense green and earth colors are your colors.

2. Blue eyes Choose black, dark blue, brown, gold and bronze, salmon and pink tones.

Makeup for dark eyes

1. Black eyes. Opt for pink, blue or gray and silver.

2. Brown eyes. Choose black, copper brown, gray-silver, salmon-pink, yellow-ocher and purple-violet if they have green touches.

Video: Beginner Eye Makeup. How To Pick Eyeshadow Combinations. Highlight, Contour, Transition Shades . . (February 2020).

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