Hairstyles with braids

The classic braid reinvents itself in a thousand ways to give rise to different hairstyles Well defined for an elegant or more disheveled style and undone for an informal touch. There are different types of braid: French, spike, Greek or crown style, side, root ... You can make the braid the protagonist of your hairstyle or use it as a detail to decorate collected as a bun or ponytail, as a crown or headband.

What if you don't have the hair long or have little hair volume? You don't have to give up the braid! In these cases try playing with fillings and hairpieces for a much more colorful effect.

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Hairstyles with braids


With the hair loose, make a small braid of root from the forehead like a headband. Hold it with forks on one side (left photo) or in two braids, one towards each side (right photo).


Give your hairstyle a hippie style with a wavy mane and falling braids loose on the hair


If you have long hair and want the braid to be the protagonist, you can collect all the hair in a side braid. Well defined or undone with loose hairs for a more casual style.


You can decorate a side of the hairstyle with a braid made of root that clears one side of the face, with collected or loose hair.


To decorate a bun, you can also use the root braid, picking up part of the hair from the forehead to the side.

Like a queen

To make a crown braid, also called Greek or Zipline braid, you have to make two braids, one on each side of the head, starting behind the ears and pulling up. Once finished, join them at the top of the head with hairpins.

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Video: 20 Ways To Style Box Braids . Kashia Jabre (April 2020).

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