March 3, 2019 Bricomania Program

In the central theme of this week Kristian will show us step by step how to install a suspended toilet on the wall. Thanks to this type of toilets, we will achieve more spaciousness in the bathroom and it will not be much easier to clean.

On the other hand, in the briconsejos section, Jagoba will teach us to make rivets in U-shaped profiles. We will also see how easy it is to create a robust industrial-style table using metal legs.

Finally, the gardening section of Iñigo Segurola. The well-known landscaper will tell us about the characteristics of Begonia venosa and Begonia rex "Red Ruby".

The next Sunday, 3 March 2019 We can enjoy a new Bricomanía program in Nova. About 11:30 am, the replacements begin, and, starting at 1:00 pm, we can enjoy the premiere. Next, the videos will be available on the web.

Bricomanía program website

- Section with the summary videos and the step by step of each DIY work.

- Bricomanía section with complete video programs.

- Program section with videos of the gardening section.

Video: ANTOP AT800SBS IndoorOutdoor 85Mile Range TV Antenna w. . (March 2020).

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