Fireplace cabinet

With the arrival of the cold return the chimneys, which create a warm and very homely atmosphere at home. Therefore, we are going to make a fireplace cabinet.

To make the structure of the furniture we will use a DM board 16 mm thick. We will cut the pieces that we need and join them with adhesive and tubers.

How do we want to place the indoor stereo of the furniture, we will put some metal grilles both on the side walls and on the door, so that the sound and waves of the remote control can pass without any problem.

With the furniture already assembled, we will integrate an electric charcoal and paint the DM with a gray acrylic paint.

  • Tools
  • Electric screwdriver drill
  • Spike Guide
  • 8 mm wood drill
  • keyhole saw
  • circular saw
  • Wood cutting blade
  • Orbital Sander
  • Roller
  • Bucket
  • Depth stop
  • 35 mm drill bit
  • materials
  • 16mm thick dm board
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Tubes of ø 8 mm
  • Electric ember
  • Sealing primer
  • Acrylic paint
  • Bowl hinges
  • Metal grilles
  • Shooter

Step by step to make a fireplace cabinet

Step 1
We will begin the work by marking on the DM board the different pieces that will configure the furniture: the base, the countertop, the top shelf and the three pieces that will form the central H.

Step 2
Once we have marked all the pieces, the we cut with the circular saw and a disc suitable for cutting this type of material. This tool is very suitable for making straight cuts quickly and with great precision, on large boards.

Step 3
Next, we will make some recesses on the side pieces to free the socket using the jigsaw and an appropriate blade for cutting wood.

Step 4
Now we can start assemble the furniture. We are going to join the pieces with mounting adhesive and pipe, so we have to make blind holes to accommodate the pipe. To perform this task, we will use the screwdriver, a wood drill, a depth stop and a spike guide.

Step 5
We fill the holes With mounting adhesive and insert the tubers with the help of a wooden mace.

Step 6
When the adhesive has hardened, we begin to join the pieces. First we mount the central H, then we put the base, the upper shelf and the countertop, and finally, we place the side walls. So that the pieces fit well with each other we will tap the wooden mallet, using a martyr so as not to damage the furniture.

Step 7
It is the turn of the door. Once we have cut it to size, we mark and cut its central hole with the jigsaw provided with a wood blade.

Step 8
Using the same tool we also cut a small rectangle in the door to put a grid and, thus, to be able to turn on and off the stereo with the remote control.

Step 9
We make two more holes in the sides of the furniture where we will put another two larger grilles. Thus, we can listen to the stereo without any problem.

Step 10
We are going to fix the door to the furniture with some bowl hinges, so we will have to make some recesses in the door to accommodate the cups. To do this, we will use the drill and a 35 mm drill bit. As our door is quite large we will place three hinges.

Step 11
Now we will sand the entire surface of DM well with the orbital sander and a sheet of medium grain sandpaper and, with a damp cloth or paper, we will remove the dust that may have been produced.

Step 12
Next, we apply a foam roller sealing primer to the water, to cover the pore of the wood and facilitate the adhesion of the paint. We will protect our hands with latex gloves.

Step 13
Once the product has dried, we give two hands of acrylic paint, in our case of gray color, respecting the drying and repainting times indicated by the manufacturer.

Step 14
We let the paint dry and We join the door to the furniture. We fix the hinge brackets inside the closet and put the door in position, fitting the hinges into the brackets.

Step 15
We also place a door handle. We make a through hole, introduce the piece and fasten it with its screws.

Step 16
Then, we apply an extra-strong adhesive at the edges of the holes and insert the metal grilles, pressing gently so that they adhere well.

Step 17
Finally, we put the grill in its position and store the objects we want inside the closet. In this simple and fast way, we have achieved a fireplace cabinet original, with which we will provide the living room with the warmth that the fireplaces provide.

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