How to integrate downspout

To carry out the work of integrating the downspout, we will use the same products to cover both materials.

Step by step to integrate a downspout:

Step 1
To conveniently prepare the PVC surface for subsequent painting, we will have to review the entire downspout with a fine grain sandpaper.

Step 2
Then, we remove the dust that has been produced when sanding with a cloth moistened with alcohol and cover the areas that we do not want to stain, with protective plastic and masking tape.

Step 3
Now, we will apply a multipurpose primer to the water with which we will prepare and protect the surface. In hard-to-reach areas we will use a flat pallet and flat brush, protecting the wall with a cardboard to avoid staining.

Step 4
On the rest of the surface we will work with a foam roller.

Step 5
After the drying time, we give a hand of acrylic enamel to the water, in our case white, easy to apply. On this occasion we have opted for a quick-drying and odorless enamel, suitable for protecting and decorating metal, wood, plaster and cement surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Step 6
Before the paint dries, we remove the bodybuilder tape and the protective plastic.

Step 7
With a little color, and in a quick and simple way, we have integrated the PVC downpipe into the basement considerably improving its appearance.

Video: How to Run a Downspout in a French Drain (April 2020).

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