Customize closet doors

Customize closet doors, adding a few color panels, it is a simple, fast and affordable solution for any DIY lover.

For this work, we will use rectangular panels, which we will do with some DM pieces and that we will paint combining different colors.

In addition, to integrate the furniture in the decoration of our bedroom, we will apply an enamel of the same chocolate tone that we have on the front wall of the room. A very complete work that we will see, step by step, below.

  • Tools
  • 5mm thick DM board
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Sealing primer
  • Acrylic enamel
  • Masking tape
  • materials
  • 5mm thick DM board
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Sealing primer
  • Acrylic enamel
  • Masking tape

Step by step to customize closet doors

Step 1
The first thing we will do is mark the six pieces on the DM board We need to decorate the doors of our closet. We will put three panels on each door. To perform this task, we will use a wooden ribbon, very straight, as a rule and a pencil.

Step 2
With the circular saw and a disc suitable for cutting wood, we cut all the pieces. To work with greater cleanliness, we will attach the vacuum cleaner to the tool. If you do not have a circular saw, you can cut the board with the jigsaw or a handsaw.

Step 3
Now let's round the edges of the pieces, using the milling machine and a strawberry to bevel. As the panels are very thin, we will place them on a thicker piece of wood, which will support us when it comes to cutting the strawberry through the edges. If you do not have this tool at home, you can perform the task with a hand sandpaper; You will only need more time.

Step 4
Then, We thoroughly review all DM parts with the sander orbital and a fine grain sandpaper. Then, we remove the dust that has been produced, with a damp cloth or paper.

Step 5
We protect our hands with latex gloves and we apply a sealing primer, to cover the pore of the DM and facilitate the grip of the paint. To perform this work, we will use a foam roller.

Step 6
When the product has dried, we sand the panels again with the sander provided with a fine grain sandpaper, especially for painting.

Step 7
We remove the dust that has been produced and begin to color. We will paint each panel with an acrylic glaze of a different shade: red, yellow, green, blue, orange and green. We will give two hands in each piece, respecting the drying and repainting times indicated by the manufacturer. We have opted to combine these colors, but you can use others, or even paint all panels of the same color.

Step 8
While the product dries, we will apply a chocolate colored acrylic enamel on the doors of the closet, to highlight the panels and integrate the furniture into the bedroom decoration. But first, we will cover the aluminum profiles of the cabinet with bodybuilder tape, to avoid staining them.

Step 9
We will start the work trimming the angles and joining areas, with a fat brush. To cover the rest of the surface, we will use a foam roller. We put on latex gloves.

Step 10
We let the enamel dry and we glue some samples, of the colors we have used to paint the DM pieces, on the closet doors; so we can see the effect and decide the exact distribution of the panels. Then, we remove the samples and give a mounting adhesive, with great initial grip, on the back of the pieces.

Step 11
Then, we paste each panel in position, pressing lightly so that they are perfectly adhered. It is very important that the glue be of quality.

Step 12
To finish the job, we will clean the entire surface well with a cloth or paper, until the doors of the furniture shine. In this way, we will have finished customize closet doors, with very simple panels to make. The result is spectacular!

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