Garage wall protector

At the time of park the car in the garage, we can miscalculate the exact site and hit us against the wall. To avoid this, in this Bricomanía briconsejo we will teach you how to get a simple stop, without hardly spending money.

Step by step to make a wall protector for the garage

Step 1
In DIY stores we will find wheel stops and wall protectors in different materials, but, we propose the reuse and placement of a wheel cover on the wall, as a protector.

Step 2
The first thing we will have to do is drill the fixing hole in the wheel, using the drill provided with a metal drill.

Step 3
Next, we calculate the position of the wheel on the wall, taking into account the height of the vehicle bumper.

Step 4
We replace the drill bit with another widia of the appropriate diameter and with the tool in percussion position, we drill the wall.

Step 5
Then, we insert the nylon block in the hole with the help of a hammer.

Step 6
We can now fix the cover on the wall using a screwdriver and a large washer that will prevent the head from penetrating the support.

Step 7
From now on, parking at the exact spot, without damaging our car will be very easy. Although we spend a little, the new accessory will prevent us from hitting the wall, thus protecting our vehicle.

Step 8
In addition, we can take advantage of the inside of the cover to store different objects.

Video: Garage Wall Protector Car Door Guard (March 2020).

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