How to make a corner shelf

When decorating and furnishing a house the corners and corners they pose an important challenge and generally remain empty, soulless. You can take advantage of them by placing a corner shelf. Several consecutive shelves that will fill any corner with charm.

To mount each of the shelves that form this shelf we will make a sandwich structure with a piece of triangular dm and slats. It will appear robust despite being a very light hollow piece.

As for the final finish, we will paint all the shelf with a chalk product and we will give you a aged touch with the sandpaper.

  • Tools
  • Keyhole saw.
  • Wood cutting blade.
  • Hammer.
  • Orbital sander
  • Fine grain sandpaper.
  • Bucket.
  • Roller.
  • Sandpaper block
  • Driver drill.
  • PZ2 tip.
  • Widia drill bit Ø 6mm.
  • Laser level.
  • materials
  • MDF board 10mm thick.
  • Pine wood slat 30x20mm.
  • Wood glue
  • Lost head nails.
  • Expansion plugs Ø 6mm.
  • 4x70mm and 3x30mm screws.
  • Chalk painting.

Step by step to make a corner shelf

Step 1
About some DM pieces we mark squares and diagonals to get some triangles that we cut with the jigsaw.

Step 2
We also take the opportunity to cut some slats and a front piece which will help us later to mount each shelf as a sandwich. These pieces will be cut at 45º.

Step 3
We make some holes in the fastening strips that we will then screw to the wall.

Step 4
For mount the first shelf we glue the inner slats and the front to the triangular piece of DM.

Step 5
Then, we finish the fixation nailing some lost head nails.

Step 6
Then we sand the shelf and we clean the dust.

Step 7
It is the turn of the finish. We start by applying a first hand of green paint with chalk finish.

Step 8
We let dry and give a second hand, this time of color blue.

Step 9
With the paint very dry we sand the entire surface emphasizing some areas to give aged effect, thus highlighting that special texture of chalk painting.

Step 10
We perform the holes in the wall with the drill and a widia drill.

Step 11
We introduce the studs and screw the fastening strips with screws.

Step 12
This way we can go gradually placing all shelves making the sides fit the slats. If they were not firm, we could always screw them under.

Video: DIY Floating Corner Shelves (February 2020).

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