How to extend a plug of an electrical installation

exist two methods to carry out this process: the superficial laying, which is the easiest and fastest procedure, since cables he stick or stick directly on the wall; and the recessed, which enables hide completely the wires itching the wall to slash, That will fill Then before painting.

Although the recessed installation is much more safe and decorative, the surface laying is an excellent temporary solution until one is done final installation taking advantage of the renovation of the room.

To take away superficially one cable there are several methods:

The more simple, is to glue the cable directly to the baseboard or door moldings. We can also fix it to the wall using cable ties or clips.

The cable holders or strips, which can be wallpaper or painted, are indicated for homes with children, since they prevent the cables from being scope. These strips can also incorporate plug sockets to multiple switches.

Although there is another safe and at the same time aesthetic option, that of modern skirting boards with channels to carry cables.

We will detail Step by Step the different fixing systems:

Thanks to adhesives We can fix the cable. Of course, we have to apply them on the wall so as not to spoil the plastic hose cable protector.

The plastic staples they help us to fasten the cable to the wood cladding or to the wall with a simple nail.

Before holding the cable, we will set the metal clamps. Because they allow you to easily release the cable, they are the best solution for temporary installations.

Cable tubes and strips fulfill the function of protect the cable. Most existing models are self-adhesive, which facilitates its placement.

In addition to transporting the cable, the power strip for multiple plug-in gives the possibility of placing several sockets in its own support.

There are skirting models that have a hollow duct which serves to transport the cables of invisible form.

Video: How To Extend an Electrical Outlet (April 2020).

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