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Fabric chaise longue, leather finished corners, 2 and 3 seater sofas, decorative armchairs, bold seasonal colors, Chesterfield sofas, extra large corner sofas, relaxing sofas of different materials, sofa beds for second homes ... every space and style you need A different sofa. Do you know which sofa is yours?

Below we see several sofa styles for all tastes that you can find in Conforama.

Single armchair

For delicate and tasteful people this armchair falls in love. Elegance has never been so comfortable. Upholstered in fabric and with a structure that will welcome your body with maximum comfort, perfect to enjoy your moments as a good read.

Fabric armchair - CORALIE model of Conforama

2 seater sofa

To enjoy alone or as a couple. If you like the classic style and are looking for durability and comfort this may be your ideal sofa. Upholstered in microfiber, this material makes the sofa resistant to dirt and water stains and other elements, making it very easy to clean. In addition, you will feel very comfortable when sitting, since its touch is very pleasant. The color that mimics the aged skin of this sofa will bring an air of class and style to the living room.

Reversible fabric lounge chair - CLAMM model of Conforama

Minimalist sofa bed

For the most practical minimalists, this sofa-bed will love it. Sometimes we do not have the appropriate space so that they can sleep comfortably, so with a sofa bed you can give a fabulous rest space to those friends or family who come to stay one or two days. Designed with a straight line layout and stylized and tall chrome legs, this sofa bed is upholstered in synthetic leather. It also includes 2 cushions that can serve as armrests during the day and as pillows at night.

Synthetic leather sofa bed - JOY model of Conforama

3 seater sofa

Reversible fabric lounge chair

Very versatile! A reversible chaise longue will allow you to place the part of the chaise on the left or on the right, as you wish. Upholstered in fabric and with wooden legs, it is very comfortable and you can enjoy it with your family, so it will become one of the main pieces of your living room. If you want to be seated or prefer a greater rest and you want to stretch, this chaise longue offers both possibilities. You will always win!

Reversible fabric lounge chair - SOON model of Conforama

Fabric lounge chair with poufs

To enjoy with the family! This chaise longue can be used as a conventional sofa, or unfold its seats and recline its backs to enjoy a relaxing moment thanks to its fluffy fabric upholstery. In order not to fight for the chaise, he has two 2 poufs to support his feet. It also incorporates a storage chest that you can use to store those objects that are clogging at home.

Chaise longue sofa (3 seats) - Model LUCIA of Conforama

Reversible lounge chair with bed

If you not only think of yourself, but also the comfort of your guests, this is your sofa. A sofa with reversible chaise longue and that makes a bed, your guests will be as comfortable as in a traditional room! In addition, the fabric upholstery is very comfortable.

Reversible fabric chaise longue sofa with bed - HARRY Model of Conforama

Chaise longue convertible into bed

If you are a demanding person and you want it all this is your sofa: chaise longue in which you will be wishing to lie down, sliding seats for comfort and reclining backrests to obtain a total feeling of relaxation. If you do it completely, you will discover a large bed that can take you out of more than one unforeseen. In addition, it has a practical storage space under the chaise.

Synthetic leather sofa bed- APRIL model of Conforama

Lounge chair with bed and chest

For functional people, an all-terrain sofa. Sofa, chaise longue, bed and chest together in a single product. This complete sofa can easily be converted into a bed, which will be very useful if you receive an unexpected visit from a family member or friend. Also, under the chaise you have a fabulous chest to store what you need. You can also customize your sofa by placing the chaise on the left or on the right, as you do best according to the distribution of your living room.

Reversible chaise longue sofa with bed and chest - ASTON model of Conforama

Classic style sofa

Very vintage! If you like the classic style while practical this is your sofa. Its 3 seats are very comfortable to sit on, and you can easily turn it into a bed for 2 people if you receive visitors at home. A sofa bed that will dress your living room with elegance and sobriety, and you will always have a convertible sofa in bed.

Synthetic leather sofa bed- WILLEM model of Conforama

Modern style sofa

If you like the most modern style but just as functional with this 3-seater sofa bed, you will always be ready for unexpected visits. This sofa can become a comfortable bed in just a few seconds. In addition to practical, this sofa bed has a modern design and you can combine it with any style of decoration. Its metal legs and faux leather upholstery will bring a very original touch to your living room. And it is also very easy and quick to clean.

Synthetic leather sofa bed- THIRD model of Conforama

XL sofa

Lounge chair with bed

When you're at home, get lost in a chaise longue with a bed. In its almost 3 meters wide you can rest sitting, lying or lying in your comfortable chaise. In any case, you will always notice the pleasant sensation and comfort of your fabric upholstery, pleasant at all times of the year. The reclining heads will allow you to always find the ideal posture, while its storage chest is a practical solution always welcome. In addition, you can easily turn it into a bed to be the perfect host.

Chaise longue sofa with bed - MAURICE model of Conforama

Reversible lounge chair with chest

A 4 seater sofa, with 3 sliding seats and reclining seats. Rest, rest and enjoy your chaise longue. Thanks to its microfiber upholstery the feeling of well-being is even greater. This soft and silky touch material is also very easy to clean. In addition, the chaise longue has a low hidden chest that will provide extra storage space and help you keep your home in order.

Reversible chaise longue sofa with chest (4 seats) - ARGOS model of Conforama


U corner with bed

Create an ideal place for the whole family and gatherings with friends with a U-shaped XL corner. Its chaise located on the left will allow you to relax even more if you need it, while on the other side you will have to choose a seat a little larger than the part of the sofa. As if that were not enough, you can turn this corner into a comfortable 270x130 cm bed in which two people can fit.

Left corner corner with bed - BOOOGIE model of Conforama

U corner with bed and chest

If you have not just decided on the corner that is best for your living room, it has it all! Its extra large U-shaped structure offers you all the space you need, to enjoy the whole family. Its microfiber upholstery and reclining heads are an added bonus to your comfort. But you can also turn this corner into a 260x120cm practice perfect for guests and use its chest as an improvised closet.

Left corner corner with bed and chest - ISONA model of Conforama

Relax sofas

Fabric electric relax sofa

When you get home, get comfortable on your relax sofa! Your fabric upholstery will be very comfortable and pleasant at any time of the year. Thanks to its electric relax opening, you can rest lying down and with your feet elevated without any effort.

Fabric electric relax sofa - NEREA model of Conforama

Electric leather relax sofa

If in addition to appreciating tranquility, you like elegance, an electric relax sofa with seats and backrests upholstered in leather adapts to your body, providing you with a feeling of warmth and comfort. Thanks to its electric control-controlled relax function, you can stretch your legs with its gradual opening system and relax in the position you like best.

Fabric electric relax sofa - SHARONA model of Conforama

Colorful sofas

Be the size that is, for the most daring, colorful sofas! Do not miss the opportunity to make your living room decoration stand out. Instead of neutral colors such as gray or brown choose color upholstery. Like this sofa chaise longue with fabric bed, in yellow!

Chaise longue sofa with reversible fabric bed - COZY model of Conforama

You want to know more? Visit the Conforama blog and let yourself be inspired by its tricks and decoration tips.

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