5 products that never fail to give an artist for Christmas

If you want to give a gift to a person who is fond of painting and drawing, giving him artistic material is a sure success! If we use art materials frequently: paints, markers, watercolors... it spends very fast, so having plenty of material is never too much.

We we give you some tricks and tips so as not to fail in the election and get the most original gift.

Discover the 5 key products to give to an artist!

1. Colored pencils

The colored pencils are an essential material For almost anyone who likes to paint. There are a multitude of ranges of colored pencils, depending on the work that is going to be elaborated, since although it seems a simple material (erroneously related to the school material), the colored pencils also have their crumb.

If you know that that person to whom you are going to give some colored pencils usually produces realistic paintings or has a high level of painting and drawing we recommend some polychromos paints.

They are about high end paintings that allow to draw realistic drawings (resembling a photo) by covering each fiber of the paper due to its pigment, texture and mixing ability.

You can buy this product on Amazon.

2. Watercolor markers

The watercolor markers They are a great option to be able to use the watercolor technique without having to prepare a large drawing space, especially if we use them with brushes with a water tank (of which we speak a little below).

In addition they also allow to elaborate lettering works (creative writing technique) if they have a brush tip.

The perfect watercolor marker is one that has a soft but somewhat compact tip and slides comfortably through the paper providing the necessary pigment.

You can buy these watercolor markers on Amazon.

3. Drawing books

Notebooks, like paintings, they are never enough For an artist. In addition, depending on the technique, different types of sheets (with different thicknesses and textures) will be necessary.

The best thing in this case is to acquire mixed media notebooks or pads, since they have adequate texture and sufficient thickness to admit virtually any material: pencil, paint, marker and watercolor (which usually require special notebooks with rough and thick sheets).

This mixed media notebook is very good value for money, and you can buy it here.

4. Paint boxes

The paint boxes they are always a good choice, since we can find them with the necessary products for virtually any artistic discipline.

However, we have to know how to choose them well, and inform ourselves about what materials come and if those are the disciplines that the person to whom we are going to give the gift handles.

For it, We recommend three types of paint boxes which are generally a success: oil boxes, acrylic paint boxes and professional paint boxes.

This oil box is very complete! You can buy it on Amazon.

5. Special materials to complement

For complement a gift You can also give some more original and special artistic materials. For example, the water tank brushes They are an original option and also very practical.

In this link you can find a pack of brushes of different sizes.

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