Rustic and bright bathroom

To modernize the decoration of this bathroom without having to do works, we will start painting the tiles on the walls. To give it that rustic, we will also make a coating. With PVC slats with stone effect, we will cover some wall.

In addition, as the bathroom is not very large, we will mount a sliding door with which we will take full advantage of the space. Finally, different furniture and accessories that will complete the decoration of this rustic and bright bathroom.

  • Tools
  • Roller
  • Bucket
  • keyhole saw
  • Applicator gun
  • Silicone
  • Squad
  • Subway
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • materials
  • Perimeter profiles
  • Special glaze for tiles
  • Protective paper
  • Masking tape
  • PVC slats natural stone effect
  • Mounting glue
  • Double-sided adhesive strips
  • Sliding door in kit
  • Double-sided adhesive strips
  • Screws

Step by step to decorate a rustic and bright bathroom

Step 1
We find a bathroom that needs to change the decoration style to make it look more current. The challenge will be to make it brighter and with rustic touches. See more photos of before this bath.

Step 2
We are going to paint the tiles of the bathroom using a specific paint for bathroom and kitchen tiles. We will opt for a blue color that always helps to give a feeling of cleanliness. Before painting it is important that the tiles are well cleaned and dried.

Step 3
The next step will be cover one of the walls with PVC slats of natural stone effect. To do this, the first thing will be to cut the pieces to the exact size we need.

Step 4
To be able to fix the slats well and that the coating has a good finish, the first thing to do is place some profiles as a frame. We are going to glue these to the wall with double-sided adhesive strips and glue.

Step 5
With the slats we will do the same: we will apply glue and double-sided strips. Next, we will fix them on the wall. Being tongue and groove, we will join them with each other.

Step 6
Finally, to finish off the lining, we will place the other part of the profiles. Pressing will join the two parts and the panels will be perfect on the wall.

Step 7
As the bathroom is small, we are going to mount a sliding door to make the most of the space. We will follow the instructions and we will gather the different plates and place the inner bars.

Step 8
We will also have to fix the guide so that the door can slide. Place a stop for sliding and a trim for the guide itself. This way we will have achieved a sliding door in a simple way.

Step 9
We will finish decorating this bathroom with new furniture that will help to give a more rustic touch and simple accessories that will give personality and modernity to the room.

Video: The Weekender: "Halfway to Rustic" Season 4, Episode 7 (April 2020).

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