Decorate youthful, fun and functional room

From Decogarden, we will transform a room without personality or furniture, into a youthful, fun and functional room. Taking as reference the tastes of a teenage boy we will customize the room, we will give it color and we will equip it with the necessary furniture to be able to enjoy it.

  • Tools
  • Bucket
  • Brush
  • Telescopic handle
  • keyhole saw
  • Knife
  • Hand sandpaper
  • Pencil
  • materials
  • Painting
  • Chipboard
  • Adhesive edge
  • Template
  • Flexible bodybuilder tape
  • Taco
  • Mat
  • Basket

Step by step to decorate a youthful, fun and functional room

Step 1
To give personality to the room the first step will be to empty the entire room to begin to color the walls.

Step 2
The colors chosen to paint the walls will be two different shades of purple: one dark and one lighter. A wall will be painted in the dark color and the rest in the light to not obscure the room.

Step 3
The next step will be create an original headboard Shaped like a basketball basket. For this we will cut an oval shaped chipboard. Then we will sand all the areas of the cut so they are smooth.

Step 4
We continue placing some adhesive edges in the corners With a wooden block we can press and use it to cut the leftover with a cutter.

Step 5
As the headboard will represent the basketball zone, we will to draw Thanks to a cardboard what would be the triple area. Then with a small cardboard we will make a line equal to a few centimeters above.

Step 6
When we have the two lines we are going to tape them with special tape for curves. Then we will paint in white the area that we have delimited with the tape.

Step 7
Finally we will place a mat so that the original headboard shaped like a basketball court looks more like a small basket.

Step 8
To end the youthful, fun and functional decoration of this room we will place different decoration accessories such as storage boxes, hooks behind the door, posters, lamp, bedside tables, etc.

Step 9
As in a youth room you can not miss a work table, we will also place a table in the same shade than the walls we have painted. Also some shelves in the same purple tone as the walls to place the books.

Step 10
In a simple way and in record time, we have given a radical change to the room without personality. We have managed to decorate a youthful, fun and functional room in an economical way and especially in an original way.

In Decogarden we have decorated a youthful, fun and functional room Without much work. We have created a original headboard who will be the protagonist of the stay and we have filled the room with color That lacked personality. We have also placed a study table that can not be missing in any youth room achieving a harmony between fun, originality and functionality.

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