Recycled objects to decorate a room

The room is a room where we usually spend a lot of time, and therefore we have to give it a touch and personal style. On this occasion we will decorate a room focusing on the colors and water movement, we will make a set of very light and "refreshing" furniture.

With materials as common as vases and colored salt we will create the bookshelf. Next to her, other pieces like a lamp made with canned cans, a seat and a side table They will compose our relaxing aquasala.

  • Tools
  • Driver drill
  • Stapler
  • Cutting
  • Sewing machine
  • Rubber spatula
  • materials
  • 3 tin cans
  • 3 simple electrical systems for a bulb
  • Semi-rigid plastic
  • Salt
  • Color pigments
  • 6 glass vases
  • 3 rigid plastic sheets (2 short and 1 longer)
  • Foam
  • DM board
  • Cloth
  • 8 wheels
  • Melamine shelving
  • Self Adhesive Foils
  • Electrostatic foil
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Contact adhesive

Step by step to decorate a room with recycled objects

Step 1
With an 8 mm drill bit we pierce the canned tin base. Through the hole we introduce a threaded rod and fix it with two nuts, one on the outside of the can, and another on the inside. We pass the cable with the bushing and screw it on the rod. You are ready to fix the bulb. We proceed in the same way with the other two cans.

Step 2
We decorate each can with a piece of plastic semi-rigid blue. We cut some fringes with the scissors, screw up one yes, one no, and fix the curlers with a piece of transparent double-sided adhesive tape, the same adhesive with which we will fix this skirt of plastic fringes to the cans.

Step 3
In a closed container mix cooking salt with color pigments. Shaking the bowl well, we get the salt to be completely stained. We add the pigments little by little until the desired color intensity is achieved.

Step 4
We pour the dyed salt into a jar and fill the glass vases with layers of different colors. These vases will serve as pillars to support the shelves of the shelf.

Step 5
We decorate the 3 rigid plastic shelves with electrostatic sheets. We choose two different designs, one of blue lines for the central shelf, and another that simulates a beveled glass for the other two shelves. Before placing the sheet, we vaporize soapy water on the surface. We remove the protective plastic from the sheet and fix it with a plastic spatula. The leftover is cut later with a blade.

Step 6
With sewing machine we create a cover for the pouf. We cut a circumference for the base and a band for the entire perimeter always leaving two centimeters of margin to sew the two pieces. Once we have the fabric cover, we will introduce a thick piece of foam rubber that we have previously fixed with contact adhesive on a DM board of the same diameter.

Step 7
For fix the cover We staple the fabric under the board with the stapler.

Step 8
We assemble the kit of a small melamine shelf and we decorate it with self-adhesive blue sheets on the countertop and shelf, and black on both sides.

Step 9
With the screwdriver we set four wheels on the board of the pouf and another four on the auxiliary shelf.

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