Pop-style bookcase and bookcase

The work area is almost always related to a formal and serious decoration. Many offices have practical shelves but not very aesthetic and too cold. We can create a comfortable and pleasant environment with a practical and decorative shelving using original materials, such as adhesive plastic or a simple hose. If we add bright colors and cheerful prints We will get a pop-style bookshop where we will work in a good mood.

  • Tools
  • Sander
  • Screwdriver
  • Paletinas
  • Roller
  • Stapler
  • Cutting
  • materials
  • 1 office module with shelves
  • 1 occume board
  • Foam
  • 1 stool
  • 1 dm board
  • Cloth
  • 1 table leg
  • Rigid plastic sheet
  • Adhesive plastic
  • Satin enamel
  • Slate painting
  • Hose
  • Tacos for chairs
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Sealant adhesive

Step by step to make a bookcase with pop-style bookcase

Step 1
With a fine sandpaper for metal we sand the furniture. In this way the enamel is set better. We apply two hands of pink satin enamel on the exterior and interior, leaving the back of the library unpainted. Once the enamel has dried, we delimit the exterior rear with masking tape and paint it with slate paint.

Step 2
We commission an okume board with the measurements of the back of the furniture and we cover it. To give volume to the back, we attach a piece of fine foam rubber to the board. We staple the fabric to the cross-shaped board, first we place a staple in the center of each side and complete from the center to the corners, tensing the fabric very well.

Step 3
With double-sided adhesive tape we fix the board to the back by the interior of the furniture.

Step 4
We cut irregular strips of adhesive sheets of different colors and cover with them the shelves of the library. When it comes to gluing the strips we mount a little on top of each other.

Step 5
We take the same material, adhesive plastic, to decorate the sides of the furniture with flowers. We cut petals, paste them riding one on top of the other and in the center we paste a circle of another color.

Step 6
With the DM board we create the desk-table. We fix on it, with adhesive sealant, a rigid plastic iron. This desk will rest on one end of a shelf in the bookcase, and on the other end we will put a table leg.

Step 7
With adhesive tapes of different colors we decorate the stool legs on which we will sit to work. We do the same with the studs of the legs.

Step 8
We will give more volume and a more original look to the stool by lining the four legs with a transparent hose. We cut the size we need and introduce the tube through each of the legs.

Step 9
With the same fabric with which we have upholstered the back of the furniture decorate the stool seat. We release the legs, we upholster following the same process as with the board and screw the legs again with their corresponding screws.

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