Fun decoration for the whole family

It is a house designed to be lived and inhabited by all family members, with spaces specially prepared for them to be shared by young and old.


The hall is surprising, it seems the entrance to a museum. The walls are panels that hide the 4 doors that give access to different rooms from the hall.

Living room

The first thing we find when entering the room is a table football, where the youngest of the house play with their friends. It is a large space, the most important in the house and is a space shared by parents and children. In the center is the quieter living area, with low floor lamps that give off a very warm light.

The most interesting lighting, the one that creates atmosphere, is that it goes from the bottom up, the light on the floor invites communication.

In the background we find another space for the youngest, a music area with a drums and a guitar.

The entrance door to the living room is also an interesting and very original element. It is not straight, but oblique, of a single leaf. It is a gesture designed so that upon entering you invite to go towards the center of the room.


The main bedroom is accessed through the living room, through a dressing room. It is a very spacious room with warm light. Like the rest, it is a room for the whole family to enjoy, that is why some sofas have been placed as a living room and a large bed where a few people can sleep to watch TV together.


This room is very spacious and is equally prepared for several people to share. It is thought of as a "bath room", a meeting place for the whole family, where while one showers, another brushes his teeth, another taking a bath ...


Being a spacious place has been decorated as a study, placing a desk with the computer and several pictures full of family photos.

Game room

This space is entirely dedicated to leisure and fun: a basket, a punching bag, a small goal, balls, video games ...


It is a very simple kitchen, with wooden furniture, without handles. The floor is also made of wood, to unify. In addition, more and more is eaten in the kitchen, so the current trend is that they are much more spacious and integrable to other spaces.

A house to be lived and inhabited, where among many people and have fun. All spaces are created to be used by all the people who live in the house.


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