Attic of minimalist style

The house is basically divided into two zones, the day area, which includes the living room, dining room, kitchen and a reading zone, and the night area with the bedroom principal, a dressing room and a bath, all turned into a suite.

He soil is the same throughout the house, an important factor to unify everything, as well as the roofs, because the beams and the structure are kept in sight.

In this room the main and largest element is the sofa. It is upholstered in light color so that it stands out on the floor while the rest of the elements are dark. An iron bench for television has been placed in front of him, with wooden drawers at the bottom.

It has also placed a auxiliary armchair, the well-known butterfly design. The coffee table is a great pallet with industrial wheels and a glass.

The bed has been placed looking to the lower side of the stay, just below the window. The headboard, therefore, is located in the center and has also been used as a desk. It blends modern straight lines with more baroque ones in the chair.

The bedside tables are mobile items, so that they do not interfere with the composition of space. On one of the walls a vinyl with an image of Brooklyn in black and white has been placed.

Both are in the same space to maintain the roof geometries. Therefore, an open bathroom has been manufactured. It only has one color point, which is red, present in the dressing room curtains that act as closet doors.

The furniture is very current and straight lines, contrasting with the baroque line of the mirror.

Kitchen decor

Is a stay totally open to the rest of the house and is attached to the dining room. The lines are very straight, and the colors neutral, white on the walls and gray on the countertop. The color note is provided by the bright blue fridge.

The lighting is very minimalist, based on hanging fluorescents.

The dining table is iron, like the lounge bench, and the chairs are the Panton model and also represent a design of straight lines, modern, and the minimalist point.

This decoration is mixed with the warmth provided by the lamps of the Tolomeo lamps, which leave the wall in the form of an appliqué with an articulated arm.

Video: Boho Minimal & Scandinavian Style In Attic Apartment North Carolina. Interior Design (March 2020).

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