Keys to decorate in autumn

It is not necessary to change the decoration of the whole house, just choose the appropriate accessories and colors, to let autumn reign in every corner.

Fall Decoration Colors

The colors of autumn remind us of the dry leaves of the trees: yellow, orange, Brown, copper, Red, Garnet, magenta... The whole range of warm tones to cover the walls and choose accessories. We can use the earth tones as a base and the most daring to get small touches of color through all kinds of accessories.

However, the arrival of autumn does not mean that we should forget the happiest colors, the pistachio green and the turquoise They also have a place this season. Of course, choose the color you choose, you always have to take into account the light, and use the brighter colors for the darkest places. We will leave the dark ones for the areas with more light.

Autumn decoration accessories

1. Cushions, carpets and blankets
Simple cushions can change the decoration of the living room. Change the light summer cushions for warmer ones with motifs and / or autumnal colors. Take carpets and blankets out of the closet, there is nothing warmer and more comfortable for an autumnal afternoon.

2. Vinyl and paintings
On the other hand, you do not need to paint the walls there are many options to change their appearance without hardly any effort. You can place some pictures with images that evoke the time, photographs, vinyls or photomurals.

3. Plants
Plants are another complement that provides great decorative power. Choose seasonal plants such as chrysanthemum, autumn sunflowers, heather or lavender, whose aroma intensifies when this time comes. And if you are not good at natural plants, you can use dried leaves and flowers to create beautiful centers that will have nothing to envy and that harmonize perfectly with an autumnal environment.

4. Pineapples
We can also complement the pineapple centers that are very typical of the time. Another option may also be fruits such as grapes and red apples.

Fall decoration textile

Another important part in decoration are fabrics and textures. In spring and summer we look for light fabrics such as linen or silk, but when autumn comes and temperatures begin to fall we have to look warm and soft fabrics.

In this sense, cotton is still the star fabric. We can put a cover on the sofa, include a quilt on the bedding, put carpets with long hair, etc. The important thing is to achieve a feeling of warmth.

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