How to remove mud from sportswear

Using the right products to clean sportswear is essential to remove stubborn dirt. Mud spots, green, sweat ... all difficult to remove, however, we give you the solution to end all of them.

How to clean and remove mud from sportswear step by step:

Step 1
Reading and following the instructions on the labels is necessary to avoid damaging our clothes and making our clothes last perfect longer. Mud, earth, grass ... we must take into account the type of stain and its depth, as well as the fabric and materials of our sportswear.

Step 2
Use Volvone Light (750 ml) to remove stubborn stains from sports activities. Depending on the dirt and hardness of the fabric, pour a little of the product directly on the stains or dissolve it in water.

Step 3
Leave the items to soak in a bucket of water to remove the rest of the dirt. To finish, wash the clothes as usual in the washing machine.

Step 4
To clean the sneakers apply the product mixed in water on the surface to be cleaned. Rub gently with the help of a brush.

Thanks to the strength of the ammonia attached to the surfactant, Volvone Light (750 ml) is an ideal cleaning product for general use, from carpets, carpets and upholstery of sky or synthetic leather to any type of floor (tiles, terraces, pavements ...) , cleaning jewelry, fridges, marble ... and even more delicate materials such as silk or tergal.

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