Enjoy your music wirelessly and anywhere

Goodbye to the times when a mini-chain occupied a huge space in our living room. Our way of listening to music has changed and now we have our favorite albums and songs as audio files on our computer, tablet, mp4 or Smartphone or we enjoy them through services like Spotify.

With the help of a simple speaker, that experience multiplies and we can achieve fantastic sound beyond helmets, fill any room with music and share it with others in a very simple way. From SPC they give us some clues about what to look for in these types of devices, the types and their main advantages.

You should consider

1. Autonomy

One of the most important aspects to consider when we are going to buy a wireless speaker is its autonomy, especially if we are going to use it outdoors. In this sense, the differences are notable and are marked by the different price ranges and sizes. In general, the smaller the device, the smaller its autonomy. The range of SPC speakers, for example, includes models that have between 6 and 20 hours of battery life.

2. Connectivity

All wireless speakers have Bluetooth connectivity to play the music of our Smartphone or tablet but there are models that also include other connections such as that provided by NFC technology, which allows the connection between our Smartphone or tablet and the speaker is made directly, without the need to make any adjustments to our device. In addition, many speakers incorporate a USB output to enter music directly or even an SD reader.

3. Type of use

There are many models of Bluetooth speakers on the market, which allow you to enjoy music anywhere. When choosing one It is important to think about the use we intend to give.

4. For outside

Small, compact and light, even with accessories that make them especially suitable for transport. They stand out for an attractive design, in many cases they incorporate rubber housings that make them splash resistant. These speakers are also very used in the home, for example, in the bathroom, because there is nothing better than enjoying a shower or a relaxing bath with our favorite music. Within this typology, we can find very different models with different power depending on our needs and budget.

5. For interior

If you are clear that the use of the speaker will be primarily at home, you can bet on a larger device. These are speakers that tend to have a greater weight and greater dimensions, as well as a more sober and elegant design that make it practically a decorative element, such as the Wow Speaker by SPC.

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