Combine persicaria and hydrangeas in the garden

At the time of decorate a garden with plants, we have to pay attention to certain aspects such as the orientation of that area, the most appropriate plants, what type of land it has, the combination of different plants, etc. Therefore, this time we show you an option combining some persicarias with several varieties of hydrangea.

Persicaria is a perennial plant perfect for planting with certain varieties of hydrangea. In our case, it is the persicaria amplexicaulis variety. This variety is characterized by having a spike-shaped, elongated or cylinder-shaped inflorescence. The flowers that the persicaria amplexicaulis They are small in size, but they are flowers that last a long time.

When planting this type of persicaria in the garden, it must be taken into account that they require shady areas and moist and organic lands. Under these conditions, these types of plants can develop both reaching a meter in height and diameter.

In addition, it is important to know that depending on the plants with which we want to combine the persicarias, we must leave a safety distance, since these plants can develop so much that they can make the rest can not grow in good condition.

In our garden area, we have combined the amplexicaulis persicaria with two varieties of hydrangea. Those two varieties are hydrangea paniculata and hydrangea arborescens "annabelle"

The new varieties of hydrangea paniculata They stand out for being hydrangeas that can withstand full sun, provided they have water. In full bloom they make white flower cones, and then the white turns more garnet, pink and coppery.

The variety of hydrangea arborescens "annabelle" It stands out for having a lime green inflorescence at the beginning and then the plant opens with some deep white balls. Finally, and progressively, the white color is replaced by green tones. It is a hydrangea with a very large floral potential and with a rustic touch.

All shades of hydrangeas and persicaria create an atmosphere and a beautiful area in the garden. Therefore, before making any planting, it is very important to decide well which plants we are going to plant.

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