The gardening tips of November 24 and 25, 2018

Iñigo Segurola returns this Saturday and Sunday with new gardening tips and ideas. We give you a preview of the gardening contents that we will see this weekend.

Decogarden Program

From 11:35 hours enjoy the Decogarden refills, and then A new program. In this new program, Iñigo presents the Aster flower, one of the vivacious plants that most intensely blooms with the arrival of autumn. In addition, we will know its different varieties.

At 11: 35 * in Nova we will be able to see several Decogarden refills and at 13:15 the new program.

Bricomanía Program

On Sunday, at 1:15 p.m. in Nova in the garden briconsejo, Iñigo teaches us to get the seeds of the Dahlia Honka Fragile flower and will show us the different hybrids that can be formed.

Bricomania will begin at 11: 15 * in Nova with three repositions of previous programs and to the 13:15 hours you can enjoy a new broadcast.

Anyway, if you can't watch the program, you can always watch it in our full programs section once it has aired on television.

* Broadcast schedules may undergo changes, they are indicative schedules.

Video: LIVE CYBER SATURDAY: NOVEMBER 24th 2018 @ 10AM PST (April 2020).

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