Pumpkins and chrysanthemums, the perfect combination for Halloween

Surely on more than one occasion, you have observed pumpkins and chrysanthemums placed together in some room of a house and, no wonder, they hit it beautifully!

Pumpkins are one of the main symbols of Halloween and, as it is getting closer, we wanted to show you how good they are as a decorative element of the home next to the chrysanthemums. They bring a halo of mystery and originality to the corners.

Although most of the plants they bloom during spring, chrysanthemums do during the autumn time. There are daisy type, large and compound flowers and a variety of shades. Take advantage of it to create colorful or serious compositions, whatever style you want to give it.

Chrysanthemum care
The maintenance of this plant is very simple. You just have to place it in a bright place, without large drafts and with mild temperatures. The substrate should always be moist so that the flowers do not wilt.

Although the pumpkin most used for Halloween is the Maximum cucurbita, you can choose from many more varieties: trumpet pumpkin, peanut, patisson sunburst, luffa, angel hair ... Play and have fun decorating!

Next, we show you a image gallery with some ideas to combine both elements during this upcoming Halloween or All Saints Day. The chrysanthemums, if they are in proper condition, they can last for about two months. Do not miss the imagination!

Ideas to decorate with pumpkins and chrysanthemums

1. Chrysanthemums and pumpkins in the hall

2. Chrysanthemums and pumpkins presiding over the garden

3. Chrysanthemum flower arrangement with mini pumpkins

4. External shelving with chrysanthemums of different colors and pumpkins

5. Halloween pots with chrysanthemums and mini pumpkins

6. Mix of different varieties of pumpkins and chrysanthemums

Video: How to Make a Mum and Pumpkin Planter (April 2020).

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