Mini rose bush or pitimini rose bush

Common name: Mini rose bush, pitimini rose bush

Location: indoor, avoiding direct sun

Irrigation: abundant, letting dry surface layer between waterings

Fertilizer: add a fertilizer to the irrigation water during flowering

Plagues and diseases: red spider, aphid and oidium

Description of the mini rose

The mini or pitimini rosebushes They are perfect to have inside the home, but they require maintenance that we cannot neglect. To grow these roses we have to avoid direct sunlight and keep them moist, but not waterlogged. During flowering it is necessary to include a fertilizer in the irrigation water to stimulate its development.

These miniature rosebushes have similar leaves to some varieties of garden, but their flowers are small and normally they are called pitimini because their buds are grouped. The secret of its cultivation is maintain high humidity and avoid direct contact with water at the base.

The pot is due put on a tray with pebbles or gravel deep down they will remain moist with a little water, but without being in contact with the pot. The leaves can be sprayed when the heating is on in winter and we will water them letting the surface layer dry between waterings.

In time of pruning its height can be reduced to half and we will remove the withered flowers after each flowering. Regarding pests, they are affected by the red spider, the aphid and the fungus Oidio. If the stems and leaves are hanging it will be lack of irrigation, and if it does not develop flowers again it can be stimulated by placing them in a sunny and airy place.

Video: How to Prune Miniature Rose Bushes : Gardening Advice (March 2020).

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