Plantation under a treetop

The conditions that occur under a treetop are not the most suitable for all plant species. The shadow and dryness of the earth They are very limiting and, therefore, it is important to select plants that can grow in these conditions.

In these environments we find that the tree has developed a root system broad enough to fill the entire surface of roots. These roots are responsible for absorbing the moisture that rises by capillarity of the water table causing the environment just below the projection of the shade of the tree canopy is very dry. 

Some of the species of plants that will go well in these conditions are ferns, which will give verticality and volume to the place. At the level of ground cover we have the polygonum capitata, a plant that covers large areas. In winter you can get lost, but under the tree will be protected from frost and can be maintained. This species may be exposed to the sun, in which case its leaves will acquire a reddish color, or the shade, leaving its leaves completely green. The group of ivy is also another option, and if we had an environment with some more moisture soleirolia soleirolii in its different variants, it would go perfectly.

When making the plantation will have to prepare the soil first and release it a little. We provide all the surface around the tree with some planting substrate to improve the texture of the soil. Then we will extend it and make four planting holes in the periphery to place a fern in each of them. Since the ferns are acidic, we will provide some specific substrate for acidophilic plants In the holes. Then we will make more holes to place all the plants we want and finally we will make a generous irrigation so that the soil is well soaked. Then we will add a layer of pine bark padding.

Video: Florida Tree Top Adventure (April 2020).

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