April gardening tasks

Inside plants

It is possible that some parts of our plants are dry due to the heat of the heating, to stimulate their growth apply a mini pruning pinching the tips of the leaves. We must also be attentive to rising temperatures, which bring pests and diseases that can attack our indoor plants. We will have to apply a specific product to the first symptoms. Another consequence of the rise in temperatures is that we must increase the frequency of irrigation by incorporating fertilizer.

Outdoor plants, shrubs and trees

These plants can also succumb to various pests and diseases, so we will have to monitor them. In the outdoor plants we will have to havewatch out for late frosts, protecting the weakest with some type of padding. As with indoor plants we will increase the risks and fertilizer.

On the other hand, at this time when some of the spring bulbs are already decaying, we will plant the summer flowering bulbs (gladioli, dahlias, lilies ...,) in a staggered way. We can also plant petunias, lobelias, carnation moro, as well as vivacious spring plants, trees and shrubs.


If the weather improves, choose a dry day to perform the first harvest, with high blades and leaving the remains as padding. In addition, we must eliminate weeds from the entire garden and before starting with the lawn subscriber, scarify it, which means making a vertical cut instead of horizontal. In this article we explain how to do it step by step.


It is time to check if our irrigation systems work properly, since little by little we have to increase the risks both in the garden and inside the home. It is convenient to carry out the irrigation first thing of the day and avoiding the hours in which the sun warms more to avoid the evaporation.


April is a very quiet month in terms of pruning, although we can always fine-tune the palm trees. While, we will have to focus on pacifiers that come out at the foot of the plant stem and consume water and nutrients from the mother plant. In this case, it is convenient remove them directly from root.

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