Floral composition with aromatic plants

  • materials
  • S-shaped glass container
  • Stones and colored edges
  • Round structure
  • Plants
  • Different aromatic plants: thyme, sage, rosemary, chocolate mint, eucalyptus, santolina ...
  • Iris
  • Ferns
  • Lilac buds
  • Limonium

Step by step to make a floral composition with aromatic plants

Step 1
The first thing we have to do is place the round structure, which can be easily found in garden centers, on the vase with stones and colored edges.

Step 2
We began to cover the structure with the fern leaves and ...

Step 3
... we complete it with the rest of aromatic plants: eucalyptus, thyme, black mint, santolina ... At this point we can use the culinary plants that we usually have in our home.

Step 4
Now we will begin to give the floral center of aromatic plants a vertical touch, placing some rosemary branches in a corner.

Step 5
We add color with some forced lilac buds and ...

Step 6
... we put some iris flowers.

Step 7
Finally, we add some limonium sprigs and we have our list ready floral composition with aromatic plants for the kitchen

Video: Companion Planting for Beginners (April 2020).

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