Visit to the Chihuahua cactus garden

We start the visit by seeing a Robust Opuntia that our host got in Extremadura. Opuntia has a heart shape and can achieve an important height.

This cactus garden is located in a municipal parking lot in Oiartzun which, interestingly, is an area of ​​high humidity and rainfall. The idea came in a unique way, and our host Jokin ran out of space at home to house his cacti. "I had a cactus collection and as they got bigger, I decided to bring two or three here." The thing was growing and today Jokin has about 120 varieties in the Chihuahua garden.

Many plants are donations from neighbors and others belong to Jokin's private collection, so, more than money, this garden takes a lot of time. In addition, Cacti and succulents reproduce very easily by cuttings. In winterTo preserve it, Jokin has to make mini-greenhouses to protect them from hail, because if it is too strong they can rot the plants.

On the visit we have found a spectacular mother-in-law seat. What hangs on the wall is called Sedum Morganianum or Echinocactus Grusonii, a plant from Mexico with growth down. We have also seen a group of echeverias with cactus or a mammillaria among others.

We saw one of the copies that Jokin likes the most, the Echinocactus Texensis that with hooked spines can make an important tear to those who fall into them.We also saw a tight composition with a nice play of colors and a Pachyphytum Oviferum, whose leaves are egg shaped.

Finally, Jokin shows us a curious flower, which is the flower of the Stapelia Variegata. It has a golden color and with the gravel it is well mimicked. Its peculiarity is that it smells like rotten meat because it is a flower that likes to be pollinated. In their country of origin they dry it, varnish it and then use it to make brooches.

These gardens are an act of colonizing a public space with incredible plants that also favors the creation of a more sensitive culture around the world of plants.

Video: DIY Mini Cactus Garden. Arizona Rainbow Cactus (February 2020).

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