Afghan greyhound

Pet: Dog
Family: GreyhoundGroup: FCI: Group 10, Section 1: Long and wavy hair whippersOrigin: AfghanistanSize: BigAfghan greyhound history

OR Afghan Hound. The Afghan greyhound is one of the dog breeds oldest known (second or third millennium BC). There is a legend about this dog related to the Noah's Ark: the patriarch decided to choose this kind of dog, then known as Tasi or Tazi, to preserve the greyhounds after the Universal Flood. For many centuries, it was used by sectors of the nobility and royalty as hunting dog. He arrived in Europe at the end of the 19th century by the hand of English soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, who used him as a guardian and messenger. Finally arrived in U.S in the decade of 20s.

Dog big, of light conformation and adapted to the race. his weight revolves around 22 and 33 kilograms, although females have a lower weight. Moreover, your height is about 63 - 74 centimeters. Can have a assorted colored fur, long, smooth, thin and thick. Hair grow nonstop During your life cycle, do not move. From eyes brown and dark, and wide ears.

Behavior ofAfghan greyhound

It stands out for its great elegance, beauty and majesty. Playful, very sensitive, but at the same time distinguished, brave and dignified. Yes considers that has been unfairly reprimanded, tends not to obey its owner for a few days. He has trouble recognizing that he is not the leader. Hard to train and Independent. When you feel cornered, you can attack furiously. Ideal for live together with liberal people, that is, they live and let live.

Care of theAfghan greyhound

This dog needs perform daily exercise, walking them periodically. In times of great heat it is convenient to have access to cool places, away from the sun and with easy access to fresh water. His great fur needs to continuous care, requires special attention. Your hair should be brushed during the bath, when it is wet, since if it is dry it may lose shine and be damaged.

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