Balinese cat

  • Pet: Cat
  • Group: Category IV (Siamese and Oriental Cats)
  • Origin: United States
  • Size: Medium

There is several hypotheses as for the appearance of balinese cat. One of them is that it comes from a mutation in the Siamese cat in the mid-50s in the United States. The second and most plausible is that it is due to a cross between the Siamese race and the Angora race.

There really is no relationship between the name you receive this cat breed and his country of origin, but it is thought that the name may refer to the elegantness of his movements reminiscent of those of Bali dancers. The balinese variety It was recognized in 1968 in the United States but the same did not happen in Europe until 1986.

Physical features of the Balinese cat

It is a cat that shows a bearing very elegant, with a fairly light body and extremities Thin but muscular, the rear ones are longer than the front ones. The tail it is Long and sharp. his head present a snout fine and some eyes almond and completely blue, like the siamese. The ears They are large, wide and finished in tip.

Balinese behavior

One of the main features is the affinity They usually engage with one of the family members. And despite being very Sociable Y sympathetic, only that person will be given one hundred percent. They are also quite smart and extremely curious with what is advisable to play with him. They are usually very good climbers and if we have a better garden than better. When it comes to sharing your space with another animal it can give us some problem, especially if it is another cat, since they are quite jealous and they will want us only for them.

Care and feeding of the Balinese

It is advisable to brush your hair at least once a week, and daily in a time of molt since due to the type of hair they can produce knots and tangles. If we don't have a garden at home and our cat won't leave the apartment, it's We recommend that we spend time playing with him so that your fitness is adequate.

The food must be related to the exercise Let our pet do in question. If you lead a fairly sedentary life we ​​will have to opt for a I think low in calories.

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