Animal therapy with the disabled

The assisted therapies with animals help people with disabilities To gain confidence and self-esteem. These people manage to feel that unconditional acceptance that animals offer them. Many groups and associations of people with disabilities, such as cognitive or visual disabilities, find in this technique an emotional resource To help them improve their lives.

A session It may consist of taking the group of people on excursions to a rural environment with animals like a hamlet. The goal is to create a space where working with they and make them have a very positive experience with different sociable and pleasant animals with people like horses, donkeys or dogs. Monitors teach them to touch and pet animals, learn how Brush them and treat them. Although some people initially fear them, it is a normal reaction and it is part of the program to teach them to overcome it.

With these approach therapies Animals can create a sense of participation in a group and unconditional acceptance by animals. The goal is to live a constructive moment and that the participants go home with a smile from ear to ear.

Video: Animals offer therapy, job skills for people with disabilities (February 2020).

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