What to carry in the cat's travel luggage

The first step when planning the trip with our cat will be decide if you will travel with us or we will leave at home with a trustworthy person or in one pet residence or hotel for cats. For this decision, we will have to know if our cat is fits well at the destination, if it is suitable for travel or has a bad time, etc. If we see that our cat adapts well to travel situations we will have no problem to take it with us.

When planning the trip, we will have to make a bag also for them. In this luggage we must carry all the necessary things to go on vacation with the cat.

What the cat's travel luggage should carry


Of course, feline luggage must, of course, contain a health card. It is recommended to go to the veterinarian a few weeks before and communicate the destination we are going to take all the necessary measures in terms of disease prevention and documentation necessary to travel.

Hygiene kit

In addition to the primer, we will also need to carry a hygiene kit. In this case you will have to bring combs and brushes to brush the cat just like we do in our home, so that you have basic hygiene during the holidays. It is very practical to take the hair clipper rolls, which will serve to remove the cat's hair from our clothes.

Another element of hygiene, and that is very important is the feline toilet. Use the same tray and the same substrate that the cat is used to at home.

Games and accessories

In addition to the hygiene elements, we cannot forget the playful elements. The rods, balls, little mice, etc. In this case, it will be necessary to assess which ones they like the most and take the games so that the cat feels at home.

If we usually go out with our cat to the Street, we will also have to carry items for the walk: the strap, the collar, etc.


The elements for the feeding. We will have to carry both the food Like the feeders. It is recommended that they be the same that we use at home so that the cat is not missed.


In addition to all these elements, you will also need some carriers to make the trip by car, train, etc. They may be rigid or fluffy, and then we can use them for the cat to use as if it were his little house to be inside.

In short, if we are going to travel we have to take into account the needs of our cats and take the necessary measures so that our pet also has a good time on vacation.

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