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In this video of Mascoteros we attend the training of several runners with their dogs of the canine training group Leal Can of canine training in positive. The Canicross consists of running with the dog tied at the waist with a belt and a firing line that goes to the harness of the dog, whose measurement cannot exceed 2 meters, that is the maximum allowed distance at which the owner can run after your pet The race is usually practiced on land, although it can be done on snow running with snowshoes (soft snow) or with slippers (hard snow). Would you like to participate with your dog in a canicross test? Find out what requirements you must meet and what material you need for the race.

The discipline of Canicross has great tradition in Europe and is consolidating in Spain. The official careers organized in Spain they are summoned from October and during the winter so as not to expose the dogs to high temperature, and it is not advised that the dogs run at more than 16ºC. The categories of the races are established by gender and by age groups of the runners, not by the characteristics of the dogs. In general, to participate in these official competitions Dogs must be over one year old and the health card in order, with mandatory vaccinations and the microchip.

Requirements for participating dogs in Canicross tests:

The regulations of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI) require some conditions for participating dogs:

  • The participation of all breeds of dogs is admitted, provided they are in good physical condition, and exceed compulsory veterinary control.
  • The participation of manifestly dangerous dogs will not be admitted, referring to specific specimens and not to breeds. Information regarding incidents with specific dogs will be included in the athlete's file.
  • Participating dogs must be at least one year old the day before the race, and a maximum of ten years. The age of a dog is the age it reaches the day before the start of the competition in which it is registered.
  • Dogs must have a microchip implanted.

The regulations of the National League of Canicross stable also will be mandatory to present the Vaccination Card to pass veterinary control and have the specific race material in participating dogs.

Mandatory material for dogs participating in Canicross tests

  • Canicross belt. For the runner's waist. It must be comfortable for the runner, sturdy and allow the hook of the firing line by means of a carabiner. Not having approved specific models, any belt that fulfills these functions will be accepted, although we recommend specific material of canicross or light mountain harnesses.
  • Shooting line. To attach the runner's belt to the dog's harness. You should have an elastic buffer zone that absorbs impacts to avoid injuries to the back of the runner or the dog. The maximum length should be 2 meters in extended position. At each end it will be attached with a carabiner to the runner's belt and the dog's harness respectively. Light, resistant and waterproof material is recommended.
  • Harness for the dog. It must be a shooting harness, which meet the following specifications. It must be sturdy to ensure that the dog does not break and escape. Simple harnesses that cross horizontally in front of the front legs will be explicitly prohibited, as they can cause deformities and prevent normal extension of the front legs. Cross harnesses that distribute the pulling force along the dog's back are recommended to avoid spinal injuries.
  • You should protect the dog from chafing during the shot. For this, the contact areas with the dog's skin must be of non-abrasive or sharp material. The impact zones (sternum and around the neck) should be padded and not have any metal rings. Teams with short-haired dogs should take these considerations into account.
  • You will have one ring or rope at the end end to attach it to the firing line.
  • Footwear. Shoes with nails or any that may pose a danger to the dog are not allowed.
  • Muzzle (only conflicting dogs). Dogs that (without being dangerous) tend to be conflicting in front of other dogs, should take the muzzle exit or do it last. Likewise, the runner will consider the convenience of maintaining the muzzle during the whole race, as long as it does not hinder the normal breathing of the dog, so it must be basket-type. Conflicting dogs will be considered, those that have had a warning, sanction or claim in any race of the season for having had aggressive behavior against another dog or against a runner. The Canicross Association will inform the race director of the dogs in this situation, so that he can take the necessary measures to apply this rule. In addition, the race director may apply this rule if he detects these behaviors during the period prior to the race.

And the runner's material? In addition to the appropriate sportswear for weather conditions, the use of country running shoes with a better grip sole, and gloves Cyclist type as protection against falls and when we must pull the line of fire. In addition, the use of glasses is recommended especially on loose sand grounds to protect the face of sand that the dog can throw when running in front.

The organization of each canicross race is responsible for ensuring that all riders meet the requirements and carry the appropriate material.

Video: Cani"Cross"America Virtual Event - Canicross USAGeorgia Chapter (April 2020).

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