5 healthy and refreshing breakfasts for the summer

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The main thing is to prepare a breakfast that gives us the energy needed to face the day with strength and desire.

In summer, we feel like refreshing and nutritious recipes. Therefore, we propose these 5 healthy breakfasts for the hottest days.

Before starting, we propose to purify your body every morning before breakfast. A healthy habit that will make you feel better and regulate the metabolism. It's very simple, you only need water and half a lemon.

Heat a glass of water in the microwave for 1 minute. Squeeze half a lemon, pour the juice into the hot water and voila! Now, you are ready to have breakfast:

1. Yogurt with cereals and fruit

A fast and healthy breakfast. If you feel lazy to cut fruit In the morning, you can leave it prepared the day before in the fridge. In addition, this way it will be much cooler. You can choose the fruit you like best, although the ideal is to take advantage of those in season.

You can use yogurt or kefir. The latter is a fermented dairy product with multiple beneficial properties for the body. It helps to regenerate the intestinal flora and regulates the transit. You can find this superfood in any supermarket.

To complete the recipe, we can add cereals or nuts. The latter are an important source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber that will keep us nourished during the morning.

2. Toast and fruit smoothie

For many, breakfast is synonymous with toast with jam. Bread is a staple of the Mediterranean diet that gives us energy and satiating fiber that favors intestinal transit. But what is better white bread or whole wheat?

As for caloric intake, both types of bread are very similar. The difference lies in the nutritional value.

While white bread is made with refined flour that eliminates the germ and bran, thus losing nutritional values; Wholemeal bread is much more nutritious. This is prepared with flour obtained from the whole grain, which contains more minerals, vitamins and fiber.

First, we toast a slice of whole wheat bread. Next, add raspberries toast and crush them with the knife as if we were smearing jam. So, we will get a homemade jam of the healthiest, since those that we buy in the supermarket contain sugars and added nothing good for our organism.

Homemade Strawberry Jam
Learn how to make and dull homemade strawberry jam with Joseba Arguiñano.

We can also use avocado and egg or nuts to add on top of toasts. You can't stop eating them! In addition, avocado is a very food healthy, nutritious and satiating Perfect to introduce in any diet.

For him smoothie We need milk (oatmeal, almonds, soy or the one you like best), oatmeal and fruits.


  • Pour the milk in the blender glass.
  • Add two tablespoons of oats.
  • Finally, enter the fruits that you like most.

How to make fruit smoothies or smoothies
Smoothies or smoothies are a very interesting and nutritious option for the summer. Learn to prepare them in 5 simple steps.

3. Açai bowl

Have you heard of açai? It is a very small purple fruit with an appearance similar to that of a grape. It is considered a superfood for being a very complete and healthy food from the traditional point of view.

This berry grows in the Amazon jungle. This makes it difficult to obtain. It is Spain, mainly, we can acquire it in the form of juice or powders in herbalists, supermarkets or online stores.

The popularity of this fruit has led to use it to prepare delicious fruit and cereal bowls. It is very simple, you just have to mix in the blender any vegetable milk with the powder or açai juice and pieces of fruit (the one you like most).

Then, pour the mixture into a bowl and decorate with leftover fruit pieces, seeds, nuts or cereals. A full, healthy, nutritious and refreshing breakfast.

4. Scrambled with avocado and turkey

Eggs are an important source of protein necessary for the organism. In addition, they are perfect for breakfast.

Prepare a scrambled in the pan with a dash of olive oil, place it on the plate and cut a avocado next to. You can add some sliced ​​turkey to the elaboration to make it more complete.

5. Porridge porridge

What is porridge or porridge? It consists of introducing oat grains in a casserole with water and stirring over low heat until a texture similar to that of a porridge is achieved. Next, we mix in a bowl or bowl with cold milk that enriches its flavor and we add pieces of fruits and nuts on top. For example, apple and nuts. The combinations are endless.

Oatmeal is the most complete cereal in nutritional and energy properties, in addition to the richest in vitamins and minerals. It is good for the heart, cholesterol, diabetes, overweight and digestive problems.

It is also an important source of fiber that will keep us satiated all morning. Therefore, it is highly recommended in diets for weight loss or healthy eating.

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