Sex at maturity

In the sexual activity influence psychological factors Y physicists. Among the first are the tastes and desires of each one, the way of thinking, the education received, the experience. In the physical aspect, it is important take care and maintain in good condition blood vessels, the feeding, the hygiene body, etc. In men the erection depends largely on the state of the blood vessels of the genital region.


More and more people with alterations of the sexual appetite because of harmful habits. Among these are excesses in the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Taking medicines that can interfere with sexual intercourse, such as tranquilizers and antidepressants.

The psychological disorders They are another reason that can lead to failure or reduction of sexual desire: stress, depression, anxiety as well as vascular alterations of the genital regiondisorders of nervous system, specifically of the nerves that go to the Fondling, Y hormonal dysfunctions.

  • Avoid or reduce all the factors that can interferer in the sexual appetite, and in particular the worrying, stressful emotional situations of fatigue or intense fatigue.
  • Control periodically the blood pressure.
  • Eliminate or reduce to a minimum the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, coffee and similar products.
  • make pelvic exercises Contract the muscles of the pelvic floor, those of the genital region, pulling them up. Practice successive contractions and relaxations, up to a total of twenty. Do it without hurry. Practice this exercise every day.

He sex drive it is produced by L-dopa, a neurotransmitter that is only manufactured by having sexual intercourse. To not lose desire stay healthy and active.

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