Easy and juicy pumpkin cake

You have to take advantage of the pumpkin season to the fullest, and what better than with a cake! East easy pumpkin cake is especially juicy, its flavor is full of nuances thanks to the touch of ginger, and the smell that comes out of the oven is simply incredible. There are as many tastes as textures, but when it comes to having a good cake, I like it to be enoughjuicy and fluffy so as not to crumble quickly. This cake is made as if it were a yogurt cake, but adding these rich ingredients. It is delicious andbesides getting done quickly it's very very easy.

It also has the advantage that, with theyogurt measure, we are incorporating the ingredients, so there is little room for error with the quantities and, following these steps, it will work out just like that.

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Ingredients to make pumpkin cake easy and juicy (a round mold of 20cm in diameter):

  • 1 plain yogurt (125 gr).
  • 3 eggs.
  • Flour (3 measures of yogurt).
  • Sugar (2 measures of yogurt).
  • Olive oil (1 measure of yogurt). If you like the oil to appreciate in the final taste, use a powerful flavor, but if you prefer it to be more discreet, use a mild flavor oil.
  • 1 sachet of baking powder (16 gr).
  • Butter to spread the mold.
  • 300 gr of pumpkin.
  • 30 gr of fresh ginger.

Preparation, how to make the pumpkin cake recipe easy and juicy:

  1. The pumpkins They are sometimes complicated to handle because they are very hard, especially your skin, but here you go The ultimate trick! Split the 300 gr of pumpkin into 2 or 3 parts, place them in a container with a lid (or that you can cover with plastic wrap) and put in the microwave oven for 3 minutes
  2. Remove the pumpkin from the microwave, and being careful not to burn yourself, you will see how easy it is to remove the skin, since it will be soft and even pulling it you can get it almost whole. Peel the pumpkin, cut it into small pieces and reintroduce it to the microwave in that covered container for 5 minutes. If after that time it is not completely soft and tender, re-enter a few more minutes.
  3. Crush the pumpkin with a fork or any other tool as if it were mashed in case you like it like this, or shred it a little if you prefer to find larger pieces inside the cake.
  4. Empty theyogurt in a small bowl to use your container from the first moment.
  5. Preheat the oven to 180º during these 1st minutes that you will spend approximately making the dough.
  6. In a large bowl, add the two measures ofsugar and theeggs, and beat them vigorously, better with some rods or a spoon.
  7. Add the oil and theyogurt, and continue beating so that the mixture is homogeneous, without lumps. Grate the skin of half a lemon very finely and add it.
  8. Now, place a strainer just above the bowl and add the measures ofyeast Yflour, so that they pass through the strainer. This process is called sieving, and it allows these dry ingredients to be added to the mix without lumps or cakes, it is great for everything to mix well. Finish mixing everything, that all ingredients are perfectly integrated.
  9. Peel the ginger cool and grate it, and incorporate it along with the pumpkin puree to the mixture of Biscuit, and gently stir.
  10. Line the mold withbaking paper or try it with a little bit ofButter,impregnating the base and walls, and pour the dough into the mold. If you want it to be as thin as us, you should use two molds and divide the dough between them.
  11. Place the tray in theoven, at an average height, and maintain that temperature of 180º for about 25 minutes. This is the real trick, do not leave it more than 25 minutes in the oven, so that the walls barely brown, and the interior is very very juicy even days later.
  12. makestick test: Click the cake with a toothpick, and if it comes out without any stuck remains, it is ready. Turn off the oven, take out the cake and let it stand at least 10-15 minutes before unmolding it.

How to prepare easy and juicy pumpkin cake I

How to prepare easy and juicy pumpkin cake II

Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Serve and taste:

Unmold the cake Passing a knife along the edge and taking it off the walls, you will not have much difficulty, or if you have done it on baking paper in a tray or mold, even easier: take the paper by the edges and remove it from the mold. You mayserve it warm, the pumpkin will be very juicy and will smell sweet, it is a real scandal!

Pumpkin biscuit

Variants of the easy carrot and nut sponge cake recipe:

This recipe is based on thesponge cake of very spongy natural yogurt that we have prepared before. It is a cake of neutral flavor, delicious for a perfect snack, breakfast or dessert.

This type of cake admits a huge amount of combinations. Change the pumpkin for raisins, carrots or apple and it will be delicious. Prepare thishomemade and easy chocolate cake just adding the necessary cocoa and to your liking. You can also add orange flavor and prepare a deliciousOrange And Chocolate cake that you will want to repeat very often 😉


The final finish will depend on the oven. This cake has only been 25 minutes in it, with the resistance above and below lit, and it has been very juicy and with little scab around. If you want it to have a slightly harder and crunchy finish on top, leave it for 5-10 more minutes in the oven, and go checking with the stick the point it has. Be careful not to burn it, it would be a shame!

Trick! For any preparation you need to do with pumpkin and have to remove the skin, follow the advice to break it into some large pieces and place it in a closed container in the microndas for 2-3 minutes (depending on the quantity). Take it out and you can peel it without any difficulty 😉

Homemade Pumpkin Sponge Cake

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