Recipes to enjoy in Autumn

Autumnal ideas for home cooking.

The Autumn, in a few days we will find crazy days, heat, rain or cold on the same day.

Now we can say that we are in that season full of contrast and a bit melancholic, but without doubt the most exciting of the year.

A season where the range of seasonal products is incredible and invites you to cook on those rainy days, perfect for later go for mushrooms.

The markets are filled withthe best seafood, we already have crab and crab out of veda, the appreciated mushrooms, the hunting season begins, the golden It is at its best and is the best time to enjoy theCanned Bonito del Norte, perfect to spend the harsh winter.

Also we must not forget that it is time for stews and creams, soups, homemade jams, the first cooked and the best party of the year: the magostos, Magosta, Amagüestu or chestnut party.

At this time of the magical year we can make spectacular dishes enjoying seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is time to welcome the best moment ofThe apples and citrus fruits and they arrive the first mushrooms, the famousGalician chestnuts and the appreciated nuts (not forgetting about the pumpkins The queens of Halloween!).

All Saints' Day with theirFritters, the Bones of saints Y panellets, a whole show.

With the first rains and the drop in temperatures we are awakened by the homely spirit and feel like recovering the recipes "de puchero"cooked, soups and stews They are the order of the day. Thesweets with nuts orApple They will be the perfect afternoon snack at home.

Even more if we accompany them with a cup chocolate or a good coffee. In today's post I will recommend the 12 most successful recipes at home in Autumn, good, easy, cheap and especially seasonal.

Pumpkin and curry cream. At this time of the year, you definitely want to have a good bowl of cream with any ofthe vegetables we have in season, very warm to quickly get warm and especially take that amount of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. To combat the arrival of the cold I propose a simple pumpkin cream with a touch of curry and nutmeg that will make your dinner on the sofa the best in the world
Warm mushroom and goat cheese salad.An impressive autumnal salad, with seasonal mushrooms and accompanied with this goat cheese that marries perfectly in flavor and texture. With this salad you will take the craving of the boring spring salad, new ideas for you to have a full salad, full of yummy ingredients and, above all, delicious.
Mushrooms in tempura with aioli sauce.We are in the middle of the mushroom season, although in this recipe I use thistle mushrooms that we can find throughout the year in the markets. This appetizer does not go with classic egg, flour and some breadcrumbs, but I explain a new concept: tempura. They are also accompanied by an aioli, a recipe from a friend from Alicante that always comes out, try a little and you can not stop wetting, although you know that then the afternoon will be hard and that no kisses.
Boletus edulis and caramelized onions.Of all the snacks that you will find on the blog, in a short time this has become the most famous. As always a special recipe triumphs for its simplicity and flavor. And it is just a simplecrusty bread toast with a small mantle ofcaramelized onion that goes great to the soft touch tohazelnuts that the Boletus Edulis gives us. Sounds good right?
Galician soup.The Galician broth does not have a unique recipe and it is that it was put into the casserole what was at home, like Galician stew that changes if it is from Barco de Valdeorras to if they prepare it in Lalín. Common to all recipes are certain ingredients that are used to a greater or lesser extent: some nicks, a hint of stub, some beans (or legumes of the season), meat (veal and pork), a good piece of Galician sausage Smoked and seasonal vegetables, usually, turnip greens, turnips (turnip sprouts), collard greens or white cabbage.
Galician lacon pie with mushrooms. Sounds good huh ?. Well, I assure you, it tastes better. If you want to turn your kitchen into a piece of Galicia and leave a crispy piece of a Galician pie to your table ... all you have to do is follow this recipe step by step. One of those who say they are winners since it's from my grandmother.
Stewed wild boar with chocolate sauce and potatoes.A hunting recipe can not miss, I am excited about the powerful flavor of this type of meat. The habit of eating game meat was much more entrenched years ago, especially in the north. They gave my father quail and I remember eating them as a child as a fancy dish where it was a sin to leave something. Although I love these little birds, the flavor power of wild boar meat seems incredible and its season lasts from mid-autumn to late winter. This stew will not leave you indifferent, I assure you.
Stewed quail with pumpkin, chanterelles and apple. To accompany such an exquisite and at the same time entertaining meat, we have to design dishes that are consistent and if we are in the autumn season, there is no way to give it a sweet spot with one of the mushrooms that I like the most: the chanterelles and the touch of the apple and the pumpkin The garnish is as important as the quail itself, and you will see how the result is impressive.
Chestnut and chocolate cake.This cake is a combination of flavors of this exquisite fruit, the chestnut, the touch of brown glace and a final chocolate finish. I assure you that young and old will like it, a guaranteed success.
Apple sponge cake.If there is a time to make biscuits are those homemade weekends where you want to bake all day. I present a great option, simple and uncomplicated, where we will crown the flavor with one of the most famous fruits of autumn: apples. Do not leave the opportunity to try it with a good cup of tea or hot coffee.
Fritters of wind or All Saints.A classic dessert of the celebration of all Saints, on November 1. A delicatessen available to everyone, because although it seems a difficult recipe does not have a great complication and does not have to be a seasonal sweet, they are very good at any time of the year, not only in Autumn.
Chocolate and nut brownies. It's season of walnuts, of those little ones full of flavor. I love them with a bit of Arzúa-Ulloa cheese, quince or just alone, but if you accompany them with chocolate and if that chocolate comes in the form of brownie ... I don't have to tell you that the result is great, explosive in the mouth, With that half-done texture and that is left between the teeth, you don't need to write more ... right?

What are your favorite recipes in Autumn? What seasonal foods do you prefer?

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