Alo Comidista: Are rice pancakes healthy?

Jesus: Every time I see more around me the spectacle of people returning the bottle of wine that has just been opened to show their companions that it is an understanding. I think that when the restaurant tells you that it's okay, you should shut up: if the winery wants to produce a wine with disgusting flavor and the establishment offers it there, stop being a customer of both. What do you think? Many people are convinced that if a customer says that the wine is bad, the hotelier must change it without a joke even if it is not.

Dear Jesus, thank you for raising an interesting moral dilemma and returning my faith in the people you write to this office. By boat soon, and no matter how much I pay for the poultry that return wines for posturing, I would say that the restaurant has to eat the bottle. But since I do not have it all clear, I have turned to two wise men of wine to give us their opinion about it. "The bottle must be changed, without questioning," says Federico Oldenburg bluntly. “And of course, it is not charged, provided it has been returned for a defect and not because the customer does not like wine. Let us also think that the majority of people throw themselves to the gaznate the defective bottles accept them because they do not realize it or because they do not sing in the restaurant. According to some statistics, about 10% of the bottles on the market have defects. Imagine if they were all returned! ”

Joan Gómez Pallarés defends the dialogue: “The perception of wines is different depending on people and cultures. If I were the one at the restaurant, I would try to reason and explain the characteristics of the wine to the customer. But if the conditions for this dialogue are not met and the alternative is the altercation, I would give in, change the bottle and drink it so richly after serving with my people. ”

Sonia: I sent you the cake I made for my niece a few years ago with all my good intention but it was in a major disaster. It was for Halloween, that's why I made it of ghosts. First is the original, and then mine.

Dear Sonia, without a doubt, your cake is much more scary than the original, so somehow you achieved the goal of terrorizing your niece. I encourage you to continue creating pastry fistros like this and send them to us, to see if one day we ride a Confectionery disasters: Sonia special like the ones we did with animated characters, Star Wars or Pinterest catastrophes.

Manuela: I have a small organic farm. I would like to know if it is true that certain chickens (I think, Chilean) lay eggs without cholesterol or if it is an unsubstantiated rumor.

Dear Manuela, I do not know in which web of alternative therapies, healing with reiki or feng shui food you will have seen this, but I confirm that it is a hoax. As they explain to us from the Egg Institute, since 1977 analyzes have been carried out that show that Araucana chicken eggs or blue eggs have the same or even more cholesterol than conventional ones. Which is also no drama: as long as you are not like Edith Massey in Pink Flamingos and basically feed on eggs, they will not significantly raise your bloodstream cholesterol.

Yolanda: I wanted to know your opinion about rice, corn or wheat pancakes. I have heard that they are not bad as I snack whenever they do not become a substitute for a meal. I also wanted to know if you consider tortillas used for fajitas or tacos as a substitute for bread at a dinner, for example.

Dear Yolanda, I will not go with half measures. For me, corn or wheat “to lose weight” pancakes are a hoax that neither feeds nor satisfies: it only fills you with air. In case this opinion was a tad biased by the mania that I have, we have asked one of our reference nutritionists, Aitor Sánchez (MiDietaCojea), who has come to tell us something similar: “Corn-rice pancakes or snacks They are a great snack. Normally they usually carry an excess of salt, in addition to including refined products and oils of little nutritional interest. A snack that is cheaper by weight, more satiating and much more practical is simply a fruit or some nuts. ”

Sanchez is also not a big fan of tortillas for fajitas: "They are made with unfermented flour, so they will have less nutrients available, and low quality oils are also used. If you want to make a different and healthy fajitas, replace them with Large lettuce leaves. ”For my part, I recommend a good brand of tortillas made with nixtamalized corn (cooked with water and lime), richer in niacin, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients: The Queen of Tortillas.

Andreacómeteelpollo: I like to make chicken with red pepper, onion, herbs and a good stream of vermouth. The point is that I have two little girls and my husband is worried about whether chicken sauce can get them drunk. The same I am messing with it and I get some massieles without having started primary ...

Dear Andreacómeteelpollo, the alcohol in the sauces evaporates greatly with cooking. The amount that remains is usually minimal, and I doubt that with it your daughters will end up drunk like figs thrown in a corner of the crib after having vomited on their stuffed Dora the Explorer. Now, if you are one of those modern mothers who punish their offspring with abstinence instead of giving them a good glass of Kina Santa Catalina, better ignore the vermouth and pull a trickle of must with spices.

Isabel: The cinnamon rolls. I have tried to do them twice already. A disaster. Hard as stones. I don't know if it's the flour, the baking time or that the dough doesn't rise enough. Maybe it's the yeast? I recognize that cooking is not my thing precisely, but I love it. The problem is when the love more than candy generates bricks that smell like cinnamon… :(

Dear Isabel, cooking is not your thing, but instead of getting ready to prepare something simple, you can't think of anything else but to make some cinnamon rolls. Why don't you jump into a croquembouche? As I have more patience than Saint Job, I give you the advice of the author of the softest and juicy cinnamon rolls I've tried, the ones made by Lithuanian Akvile Ziukaite for Mostassa coffee in Barcelona. She uses wheat flour vulgaris, whole milk, butter, sugar, salt, cinnamon and fresh yeast. When you have made the dough, let it rest for an hour so that it rises to double its volume. After shaping and putting cinnamon generously, put the rolls 15 minutes in the oven, although this time may vary depending on the amount.

Angel: I write to you in relation to the column Fucking wine, pota soup and other inappropriate food names. In it you reviewed a Japanese soup called "pota". You can imagine my surprise to find in the canned section of my usual supermarket, packs of three cans of "POTA in American sauce". And my stupor when, right next door, I saw his older brother, "POTÓN in American sauce".

Dear Angel, thanks for sending me the photos. I knew the pota, a coarser cephalopod, less tasty and cheaper than squid, which you usually strain as such in some bars. But he didn't know anything about the poton. A very sexy name, which opens your appetite as soon as you hear it.

Jamaliche: I am a Cuban addicted to this section. Today I decided to write to you about the question of explosive croquettes from the past Alo. Some time ago in Havana they put on sale some industrial croquettes that had the same effect. In the press it was commented that several accidents had occurred and it was said that it was because the dough did not mix it properly and there were lumps of dry flour that exploded when frying.

Dear Jamaliche, thank you for your contribution to the mysterious case of explosive croquettes of La Chon Gorda. I get shaky just thinking about a Cuban industrial croquette with lumps of flour, and not just because of the possibility of an explosion ...

Iria and Isa: Tasty Comidista, we wrote you from any corner of Seville, asking if you are going to leave the closet at the same rate as Ricky Martin. Meanwhile, we are eating a delicious salad and they serve it molded with an ice cream spoon. It is an invention of the devil spread throughout the city and we do not know which association or NGO to go to end this heresy. This one that we attached, comes in small paella pan. A kiss from the problems of the First World (or wherever Seville is).

Dear Iria and Isa, I see you a bit outdated: server left the closet 20 years ago, more or less when dinosaurs dominated the Earth. Indeed, the salad ball virus spreads like a gastronomic Ebola, without anyone appearing willing to take action. Last Monday we interviewed in the Day by day of the Being to the owner of the Donald of Seville, and he confessed to us that even he had fallen into temptation. He gave a reasonable argument - the ice cream spoon serves to measure the amount you put into the ration - but then explained that he had stopped doing so in the face of criticism from the purists. It seems much prettier for me to have the salad spread in a small dish without more, to be able to be with an extra mayonnaise on top: it is a more natural presentation for a product that does not need molds or curlsiladas. As for the association to which to submit complaints, I recommend you go to the ODER (Observatory of the Russian Salad), which collects and condemns the greatest grievances to the sacred Sevillian salad.

Marta: If you stew the potatoes (either Rioja, with meat or rib, or fish) within a few hours they harden. On the other hand, if you cook them with beans or broccoli, they endure perfectly for the next day. Does this have any reason to be?

Dear Marta, although I do not quite agree with that that the cooked potato is "perfectly" the next day, the difference you are talking about does have "a reason for being." What element is present in stews but not in cooking in water? Fat And what does the fat that infiltrates the potato do during cooking at the time it cools? Compact and harden it. This process is even more intense if you put the stews with potatoes in the fridge: nothing will happen that prevents them from eating them, but the tuber in question will lower several points in texture as it becomes more pasty.

Juan: From my Portuguese culinary culture, can you explain this to me? Can it be because of the theme of anisakis? A cold wave in Lisbon?

Dear Juan, I knew McNamara's live frozen dead fagots in Paris, but the frozen Portuguese whores at Euro with 99 are unknown to me. Maybe some reader from our beloved neighboring country can enlighten us in the comments.

Alba: Hello dear and unfaithful beloved. I am a fierce admirer of yours, your most loyal and absolute fans. So much so, that the other day when I met a very beautiful avocado in the market, I baptized it with your name. I have been in my kitchen for two months dedicating all kinds of pampering and care, but his glory days are coming to an end. It is no longer what it was and I have to give it a happy ending. What are you suggesting?

Dear Alba, you don't know what weight it takes off your mail. It had been a while since anyone had written to me from López Ibor, and I was wondering if they would have decided to isolate you from the world by putting you in padded rooms. I suggest you give the avocado to one of the caretakers who control you, to be buried in the center garden. Who knows, the same sprouts, and the tree ends up becoming a symbol of our love. What would it be nice to? Mental note: warn caregivers to immediately throw away that rotten and smelly shit that is crazy in the room.

Maria: I've been looking for a Chinese strainer for a long time, to make pina colada or your magnificent soup from what is pulled from the artichokes. My grandmother had one and I remember that it was going very well. Moulinex sold it under the name Spiromix. I only find it on second-hand websites, something expensive and with shipping costs. Could you tell me a physical store in Barcelona or an online store where they sell it?

Dear Maria, as I at this point in the Aló do not have the loquat to answer more nonsense, I have placed your request in the hands of my lieutenant Xavi Sorinas. With his usual diligence, Xavi has called Moulinex customer service, where they were unaware that this model existed because he is older than Jordi Hurtado. Currently they do not sell any similar add-on. Second-hand, and with a simple search on eBay, I have found a couple for 5 euros, which is not an amount to be ruined, so rat.

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