The restaurant that treats bad and cooks worse

The promenade of La Malvarrosa is a dangerous habitat for hungry tourists in the city of Valencia. In its vicinity, the legitimate purpose of eating a paella overlooking the sea becomes a risk sport, for the stomach and for the pocket. Posts to jump into the void, Casa Zaragoza is one of the suicidal alternatives in the beach bar line, where bleeding and frying usually prevail over good rice and rice. cremaet. To this is added the racism shown by its owner, the hotelier Juan Peiró, in a video broadcast on the Internet where he appears insulting an immigrant -black for more signs-, who asks for a change of 20 euros. "Take all possible pasta and give the Spaniards our asses," he says.

In recent days there have been angry reactions to the video where Juan Peiró flaunts supine verbiage. "Clean for you, and I half, I Spanish, and above I pay taxes for you," he says behind the bar. He is implying that the young man is a gorilla in the area. But it turns out that some former employees question the administrative rigor of the hotelier and they indicate irregularities in their contract during the time they were at Casa Zaragoza Others speak of racist treatment In any case, we have come to talk about food, to verify if the bad taste in the comments is spread to the We like to live to the limit, so we sit on the terrace and tell ourselves that it can't be so bad.

There goes the digestion.

Monday, 14:00, La Malvarrosa beach. Expressions like "what a harder life" or "here, suffering" come to mind.

The beach has not learned that autumn has reached us. There are sunbathers, nostalgic sunbathing and diners on the terraces of the bars. They are mostly foreigners, from those in the straw hat. Valencia has been discussing the type of tourism that it wants to attract for some time, and bastions such as Casa Zaragoza will not make it easy. English and Germans enjoy glasses and jugs of sangria of doubtful quality: in reality they are not being treated well, but at least they are not accused of “giving in the ass”, because they are expected to carry more than 20 euros in their pocket . We sat next to them outside the bar.

Nobody receives us, nobody asks us. After 20 minutes, we call the attention of one of the three waiters who serve on the terrace: the friendliest, because there is also a girl with a look of burden and a man who does not even look at us. Another 20 minutes, and the kind one saw the table. While we look at the letter, we remove ourselves in the chairs, detecting nonsense such as the Russian salad lid at nine euros - the best of Valencia is served in Saiti and costs 6'50). The beach squid could justify the 15 of being a quality product, but something tells us that it will not be so. And the rice is compared to those of large temples with 25 per head.

We were warned by TripAdvisor. On the website, user reviews have placed the establishment in the position 3,107 of 3,396 restaurants in Valencia, with 79% of bad ratings. And thanks, because for a few days a message indicates that the reviews have been blocked. "Due to a recent incident that has captured the attention of the media and has caused a large volume of opinions to be received that do not include a real experience," they explain. Very understanding, but dissatisfied diners who survived the horror did not show the same benevolence. To give some examples: "I would not recommend it to my worst enemy"; “If you have a sado, don't hesitate”; "Direct tunnel to gastroenteritis". And so everything.

We can no longer go back: we ask for salad, cuttlefish and fried food.

14:50. The water comes out. They are two plastic bottles.

It occurs to me that on the beach they could be made of glass, because of the wind, but I also don't want to look like snob. Meanwhile two clients leave the next table, and nobody feels or suffers for them. Ten minutes later, two others leave with the command already requested, and the waiter shrugs. Leave the tablecloth on, that's it.

15:00. An hour has passed and we will finally eat.

It is well known that the salad -mixta, for more signs- has its cooking times. Many leaves of lettuce, tomato pachucho and canned tuna. There is a halved asparagus, ten corn kernels, carrot strips reminiscent of Homer Simpson's hair and four olives. We have barely begun to eat, when the rest of the dishes appear, that the waiter - the friendly one - tries to squash on the table. The sepia is of poor quality, which hurts more looking at the sea, because in Valencia there is a Fish Market as in a few places, and the most unsuspecting tourists will be left without knowing it. It comes with ninety accompaniment of peppers - some between burned and calcined, other raw, all dried - and zucchini.

The main course is frying for two. We played hard, I know. When asking about the composition, they have told us "prawns and things", so we have not been able to resist. Things turn out to be four squid, sprig and anchovy. There is some shrimp, as well as discreet, but it is difficult to distinguish it from the rest when everything tastes like pure and hard fritanga. The rice had already seen them glancing at the tables next door, and I refuse to eat in mini paella (the rice scam in Valencia deserves a separate one). Desserts are not homemade and cost six euros. Do you need more to give you the title of noble barre? Only with crazy prices and dishonest attitude.

And it gives rage, because in Valencia it eats scandal. And Valencia is also the beach.

15:20. We asked for the account.

15:45. We are still waiting for her.

For when it arrives, at 4 pm, it marks 47,30 euros. That is, we have spent 25 euros per person to eat three tapas, with two waters and a coffee. An amount that does not sound crazy in other cities, but in Valencia, one day during the week, it equals the menus of many gastronomic restaurants. I must admit that I had never sat on one of these terraces of my own accord; I must admit that I will never do it again without chains.

Is this the classic spiteful article against a racist businessman where the food is rated according to the owner? Let's see, the owner is fatal, but the food has no forgiveness. So we give it to the guiris? It does not seem very honest to serve the tourist what we would not pay for, since we risk the gastronomic image of the whole city, and after a short time it helps us to walk through the fairs. Better to conquer them with a rice at Casa Carmela, with the Mediterranean offer of La Sucursal, with the titaina and the anchovies of the Cabanyal taverns, from Casa Montaña to La Aldeana 1927.

Both the Prosecutor's Office and the Valencia City Council have announced that they will open an investigation for what happened at Casa Zaragoza, broadcast in the viral video. It will be unpunished the crime of having shouted to the world that the Valencian orchard gives those vegetables, that in the Mediterranean that fish is collected and that the rice with unclean things they serve is paella. And it shouldn't.

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