Potato omelette in green sauce

There are times that recipes arise by spinning a couple of sentences. From “I feel like making potato omelette” to “cook it in green sauce!” Exactly two minutes passed. Three hours later the whim of the two became reality at our table; the life of two chefs - one in action and another in the dark - is as lively as it is tasty, (and also exhausting everything must be said).

More than once I have told you that the recipes I share are not always 100% mine; Sometimes my rib Alex Marugán participates, which the stew is very good at and that had a lot to do with this wonderfully tender tortilla but without that liquid egg that many could run out of. You have to have a good hand and a good eye to achieve the perfect potato tortilla: very juicy, but without looking raw. For me, in addition, it is essential that I have onion very well poached: I'm sorry for the sincebollistas.

To make this recipe succeed we must have some expertise when making the tortilla; but the green sauce will also greatly influence, for which I suggest you use a powerful fish stock or pot whose potency combines with the tortilla. Think that not only a green sauce is worth to cook tortilla, I propose you to try it in a good tomato sauce, a delicious pepitoria, a mushroom strogonoff or in the rest of corns or casseroles. It will surprise more than you may think, because lately that stew the tortilla has been lost, and the result is a delight to accompany with a lot of bread.

This technique also serves as an aid for any tortilla that has become a little dry: although the result will be infinitely better if the tortilla is as it should, the sauce will also remedy the dry tortilla by infiltrating inside it so that it finishes eating with a spoon .


It is laborious, but not difficult.


For a large tortilla

For the green sauce

  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 pinch of chilli pepper
  • 60 ml white wine
  • Chopped parsley
  • One level scoop of flour
  • Salt
  • Codium seaweed (optional)
  • 400 ml of fish stock

For the tortilla

  • 500 g of voyager or Kennebec potato
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 4 eggs camperos
  • 60 g caramelized onion
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Confit the peeled and sliced ​​potatoes in extra virgin olive oil for 30 minutes, or until tender. Raise the heat and brown slightly on the outside. Reserve in a strainer.
  2. Beat the egg yolks with the eggs, caramelized onion, salt and pepper. Introduce the potatoes and crush a little. Let stand 30 minutes.
  3. Curdle the tortilla in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil, hot, first on one side for 1 minute (we will have to have lowered the heat) and then for the other 1 minute more approximately. Remove to a pan.
  4. Prepare the green sauce by chopping the seaweed (optional) until you get a spoonful. "Dance" garlic and chilli oil. Add the seaweed. Add the flour and take a few turns to cook. Pour the white wine and the chopped parsley. Add the broth and make the sauce little by little, about four minutes.
  5. Grind part of the sauce with more parsley so that it becomes very green, incorporate it. Put the sauce in a pan where the tortilla fits, over low heat, and pour it over it. Napar well and leave half a minute over very low heat for the sauce to soak the tortilla. Pour over a deep plate with the tortilla sauce on top and serve with a good bread.

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